First stop: Afghanistan!

Starting our food journey with our first “A” country – Afghanistan! One of my coworkers is Afghani and his aunts gave me the recipe for this Kabuli Pulao, the national dish of Afghanistan. So we went out, gathered the ingredients, and got to cooking! Time: 3-4 hours Ingredients (4 servings): 2 cups / 340g basmatiContinue reading “First stop: Afghanistan!”

Backpacking Across Western Europe

…and how we did it as 19 year old college students During our junior year, my friends and I were planning to go abroad. With my required classes, I was going abroad in the fall while the others were going abroad in the spring. We weren’t going to see each other for 15 months!! Luckily,Continue reading “Backpacking Across Western Europe”

Around the World in 197 Plates

…Give or take! Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we went a full year without traveling. For someone who goes on 2 or more “big” trips per year, this was hard. So, instead of traveling, we decided that it would be fun to cook meals from each country. This would satisfy our travel desires for aContinue reading “Around the World in 197 Plates”

How to Master Your Study Abroad Experience

Going abroad can be one of the most exciting and fun adventures of your college career… or it can be the worst. The trick to mastering your abroad experience is to prepare both mentally and physically. Let’s talk about how to do to that in the following post. Step 1: Be open to making newContinue reading “How to Master Your Study Abroad Experience”