Around the World in 197 Plates

…Give or take!

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we went a full year without traveling. For someone who goes on 2 or more “big” trips per year, this was hard. So, instead of traveling, we decided that it would be fun to cook meals from each country. This would satisfy our travel desires for a bit while were suck at home.

My teacher once told me that food is love. Food is love because you need nutrients to live. Food is love and food is life. Now, when I travel, I think that some of the best places to learn about the country and the culture are the restaurants. Food is such a wonderful way to learn about the culture and the things that are important to the people.

With such a big task on our plates, we decided we would go in alphabetical order to avoid bias or favoritism. We wanted to try to do one new dish a week. We haven’t quite caught up to that due to vacations, school, and work, but we are hoping we will get there!

For each dish I am planning to share the recipe that we used, any tips we have for anybody who is interested in making the dish, and a rating including scores (out of 5) for ingredients (how easy was it to find the ingredients that we were looking for?), time (how long did it take to cook this dish/did we feel like it took too long?), taste (how was it? would we make it again?), and price (per serving) (how expensive was it? Each star is an increment of $5 – lower is better!). These categories may change or be added upon in the future.

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