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#3: Algeria

Algeria was a country that we knew very little about. Thanks to TikTok @matb3, we found a recipe for a popular Algerian street food called Mhadjeb. It’s a stuffed flatbread made of semolina flour. It is typically stuffed with meat and vegetables, then it’s fried. Time: 1 1/2 hours Ingredients (8 servings): 500 g fine…

#2: Albania

I really didn’t know a lot about Albania prior to cooking this meal, so I found the national dish of Albania: Tave Kosi. It is a yogurt and lamb casserole. Hold on! Before you go anywhere: I agree. It sounds a little weird, but it was actually a favorite in our household. Time: 1 1/2…

First stop: Afghanistan!

Starting our food journey with our first “A” country – Afghanistan! One of my coworkers is Afghani and his aunts gave me the recipe for this Kabuli Pulao, the national dish of Afghanistan. So we went out, gathered the ingredients, and got to cooking! Time: 3-4 hours Ingredients (4 servings): 2 cups / 340g basmati…

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